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At House to Home Loft Conversions, we believe that planning and preparation are the two key drivers of success. We begin work only after we have a full set of loft design drawings for your home. When you hire our services, you don't need to pay extra for architectural drawings! Below is an overview of the process we follow while designing and constructing your loft extension:

Our 7-step project management process

Professional loft conversions in Plymouth

While loft conversions are a fairly common home improvement service, it is also a relatively expensive process. When you hire House to Home Loft Conversions, for your loft conversion, you have the convenience of a flexible payment schedule. and the last instalment should only be paid after the final inspection has been carried out. All we need to begin work is a 10% deposit. So put your worries aside and build your dream loft with House to Home Loft Conversions!

Worried about costs? Don't be

For over 12 years, House to Home Loft Conversions has carried out numerous loft conversions in and around Plymouth, all with outstanding results.


Our 7-step project management allows us to turnaround projects quickly, efficiently and for a fixed price that we determine when we give you the quote. Whatever loft style your house may have, we'll give you a conversion that you'll want to show off to your friends and family. With windows by Velux®, your loft conversion will be an absolute stunner!

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Stage 1 - First visit:  We measure your site and discuss the needs and purpose of your loft conversion. We then take precise measurements of your house in order to produce accurate drawings and structual calculations to determine what size steels we need, if at all. This makes our quote accurate unlike other firms which will give you a quote then get the structual calculations done, not knowing what size steels they need. We then discuss your preferences for staircases, windows and other fixtures to gain an understanding of what is important to you.

Stage 2 - Second visit: We review the proposed quotation and the specification requirements, and also discuss all the possible options available to you.

Stage 3 - Deliver fixed price quotation: The quotation you will receive from us at this stage is fixed, and will not change unless you would like additional work done.

Stage 4 - Planning permission and preparation: We apply for any permissions and building regulation  documents for your home through the local authority and let you know when completed documents and certificates are ready.

Stage 5 - Project commencement: After payment, arrangements are agreed upon and all the work to be done is reconfirmed. We also give you a completion date for your stunning loft conversion.

Stage 6 - Execution of the project: At this stage we begin your project and take care of all the work required for the new conversion, including electrical and plumbing work. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we build you your dream loft conversion.

Stage 7 - Project completion: At this stage, your bespoke loft conversion is completed as per your requirements and with all the necessary permissions and regulation documents. Final payment is made once a final inspection has been completed.


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